Monday, January 21, 2008

Workout 1/19: The Turdy Thirty (Five)

Recovery: If things are out of whack, take a break. Not sleeping well? Take a break. Muscles super-sore? Take a break. Never feel like you can shake that cold? Take a break. I have been reading some stories lately of people who have driven themselves to injury, and the common thread among all of them is that they didn't listen to their bodies. All of the questions above reflect issues that they were having a week or two before their bodies decided to make itself take a break by getting injured. In the CrossFit community and any other fitness/sport community, people need to learn how to check their prides at the door. We have a tendency to say, "3-2-1, GO!" and not stop because we want to reach a certain goal. Let's learn from those around us and start listening to our bodies. They tell us fascinating stories if we just stop to listen. As for me, I'm feeling fine, so...."3-2-1, GO!"

CrossFit: The Turdy Thirty (Five)
For Time:
35 Box jump, 18-20 inch box
35 Jumping pull-ups
35 Kettlebell swings, 35# Dumbbell
Walking Lunge, 35 steps
35 Sit-ups
35 Push press, 45 pounds
35 Back extensions
35 Thrusters, 20# Dumbbells in each hand
35 Burpees
35 Tuck Jumps
(Time: 28'56")
*My gluteus maximus was yelling at me while all day the next day. Shame on me for not properly stretching out afterwards. Lesson learned!

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Gio said...

Paul, that is a descent time for that workout. Have to hand it to you for going out and getting it done and over with. Before long you will look at this workout as your platform from which you conquer the Filthy! Keep that in mind the next time you do this workout.