Saturday, January 5, 2008

Workout 1/4: Power Cleans

It was so great to see, talk, and workout with my high school buddy Scott. It has literally been years since we have see each other, so it was a special treat. Yes, business was at hand too; he was gracious enough to allow me to pick his brain about coaching track and cross country. He gave me many great ideas on getting started, so now I just have to put it all into a plan and execute it. One of my goals for the year is to have a successful track season, meaning no forfeits and completing an entire season (something our school hasn't done for the past three years). I know it can be done; it's just going to take major commitment.

Part of our time together was going to the gym to work out too. It's always great to have someone there to experience all the pains and glories with you. I did my CrossFit stuff, which wasn't a whole lot, and he put me through a killer "core" workout. That just exposed a major weakness of mine, so now I have something new to work on. New Year = New Core! I just have to stick with it. I just read a quote in the newest issue of "Runner's World" that I will have to remind myself of as I work on that area.

Josh Cox: "You're not going to feel good the first few weeks doing this core workout, but once you get past that, you'll experience the benefits. You'll feel stronger, and your find yourself holding correct form longer when you run."

CrossFit: Power Cleans 3-3-3-3-3
Go for max weight on the last set of 3:

*When the weight gets up there, it is so hard to create the momentum to pop the weight. I need to work on opening up my hips and really popping the weight. I did surprise myself though that I was able to hit 135#.Sad to say, Scott and I did not look this good when doing our cleans...but image isn't everything, right?


scott said...

hey man-- awesome job on cleans the other day. and great to catch up.. we gotta get in for another workout together soon. good luck as track starts up!

here's to a new year with crossfit!

Gio said...

Cleans and more cleans. It's an eye opener once when notice that Technique can let you lift more with what you already have.

Great job! At 135# cleans, that is impressive.