Monday, January 14, 2008

Workout 1/14: Pull-ups with Diane

Garrrr! My arms are super-shaky as I write this entry. I cannot believe how hard it is to type right now directly after CrossFit. I fit in two CF workouts this morning because I wanted to make sure I kept close to the CF schedule and because the scale wasn't kind to me this morning. That choice might have been a mistake, but I made it and now I have to live with the consequences.

Today is the beginning of the track season too, so I have to get out there with my athletes today and take a stab at coaching. Thanks to all of you who have given me encouragements over the past week. Your accountability and nice words will keep me trying and committed.

5-Minute Run
Dynamic Warm-up
CrossFit: Pull-ups on the Minute
(7 Rounds + 4 Pull-ups = 32 Pull-ups Total)
CrossFit: Modified Diane
21-15-9 Rep Sets of:
185# Deadlift
Handstand Pull-ups
(Time: 14.01)

When comparing "Pull-ups on the Minute" to December 5th, you'll see that there was no improvement. That could be because I weigh a bit more now than I did on 12/5/2007. At least I am not regressing in my performance.


Brad said...

Don't you love that feeling?

Great workout!

How was coaching?

Mr. Mirek said...

coaching was good...of course i have a lot of growth to do, but i got the students out and running and practicing form (felt "weird" to them, of course). we'll get there!

oh man, my shoulders and hamstrings are feeling yesterday's workout! time to stretch!

Gio said...

Great job Paul. Have to hand it to you. Now about the shaking, once you get down and commit to learning sign language you will have nothing to worry about the shakes and writing.
All you need to do is be able to put two words together for your students and they will understand.
That will be another subject you can teach.