Monday, January 28, 2008

Workout 1/25: 400m Runs

Today I went to a wonderful professional development clinic for track and field coaches. Yes, the amount of new information was overwhelming for a new coach, but every little bit that sticks is going to make me a more effective coach. Curtis Frye, head track and field coach at the University of South Carolina, was the keynote speaker. If you are looking for motivation, listen to him sometime. Ah, the wisdom of our elders; it's a great gift.

CrossFit: 400m Sprints
4 x 400m Sprints
(On Treadmill: 8.0 mph, 8.5 mph, 8.7 mph, 9.0 mph)

*Ugh, running sprints on a treadmill takes all of the fun out of them. I cannot wait until these types of workouts are posted in the warmer months. Yep, I am already dreaming of the winter months. Sad!My athletes need a role model for track...Ana Guevara should be one of them!

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