Thursday, January 3, 2008

Workout 1/3: Pull-ups and Dips

Muscle-ups? Yeah, right! Here are my excuses for not doing muscle-ups:
#1: No have to have rings, don't you?
#2: Not man, not yet at least.
#3: No one to walk me through the steps...I need training wheels.
#4: I just want to make excuses...

CrossFit: Muscle-up Modification
15 Muscle-ups for Time = 60 Pull-ups + 60 Dips For Time
I obviously chose the 60/60 combo.
(Time: 17.32)

*I thought my triceps were about to burst out of my arms. I am glad I did it in sets of 6 each (6 pull-ups, 6 dips, 6 pull-ups, 6 dips, and on and on). One day, one day, I will try a muscle-up...GIO, I NEED YOUR HELP! C'MON COACH!*Photo courtesy of Aggressive Health.


sarena said...

Nice blog! Just keep at it. One day you will get that friggin MU! Stop by and visit me too sometime

Jay C said...

Agree with S, nice blog.

Brad said...

Not even a goal for me - yet.

I am impressed with the amount of pullups.

Gio said...

Great job Paul. You are improving. I will be giving the Muscle ups a review when I return from Texas. Anthony just Loves the Muscle Ups.

See you then.