Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CrossFit in the Park 11/10

Finally! I made it to a CrossFit workout at Wilson Park on Chicago's northwest side. I have been looking forward to this chance since the end of marathon training, so my family and I jumped at the opportunity provided to us by a weekend without too many plans. Our trainer, H. Giovanni Salazar, greeted us with a wide smile and a warm heart even though it was a bit cold outside.

Little did we know that we would be stripping added layers of our clothes rapidly once we got started with the warm-up and workout. Evie had a playground to run around and Ezra just chilled in the "Chariot." They became antsy later, but we were still able to participate in the workout. I can't wait until they are ready to begin working out with "Daddy" and "Mommy." What a joy that will be!

CrossFit in the Park Workout: "The Broomstick Mile" (all exercises done with PVC pipe, except the runs)
Run 400m
Back Squat x 50
Front Squat x 50
Overhead Squat x 50
Run 400m
Military Press x 50
Push-Press x 50
Push-Jerk x 50
Run 400m
Hanging Power Clean x 50
Hanging Power Snatch x 50
Run 400m

Ugh! That felt good! Soreness all weekend is a definite! THANKS GIOVANNI!

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