Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Workout 11/7

I can't believe it is November already! Not only that, but a whole week of November has flown by like the blustery wind here in Chicago. Today was a great day to get out and go to the gym...I didn't have to be at school until 11:30. Yey for report card pick-up day! I got to take Evie to the gym too. It's so fun to see her eyes light up when she gets to join "Daddy." I hope she continues to enjoy those times as she gets older.

CrossFit: Back Squats (single reps x 7)
CFWU x 2
10 45# Back Squats
5 95# Back Squats
1 115# BS
1 135# BS
1 155# BS
1 165# BS
1 185# BS
1 185# BS
1 195# BS (failed)

It is hard to not lean forward on the back squat when the weight gets heavy. I am looking forward to seeing how this improves as time and experience with CrossFit increases. I felt like my back was doing more work than my legs at certain points, and maybe that has something to do with where I am weaker. If anyone in the CF community has any words of wisdom on this, please comment. My running shoes might be another reason why I'm leaning forward more (i.e., the cushioning raises the heel slightly).

Looking forward to seeing what the group CrossFit workout in the park is like this Saturday. I am sure it'll put me on my butt.

*This is not me...yet! Photo courtesy of CrossFit Newcastle

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