Friday, November 30, 2007

Workout 11/30: Elizabeth

So today I added a new feature to this blog..."CrossFit Teachers." I have been so inspired to see more and more teachers write on their blogs that they are making CrossFit their workout of choice. The community of CrossFitting teachers is growing! This means that more and more students are seeing models of physical activity and fitness in school environments where physical activity and fitness are being limited by fewer gym classes and recess times. My hopes are to start a track and cross-country team here at my school, and I think CrossFit will make its way into some of our training. I am also loving the various threads and videos on running technique that are beginning to show up on the CrossFit site. It's giving me more ideas on how to actually coach these sports seeing as I have never coached these sports before. But the interest is there for the students; how could I say "No" to that?

So the week of being battered and bruised by the "Girls" of CrossFit is over. On paper, the workouts look easy, but I was shown quickly that they are evil. I suppose this just shows me that I have a long way to go with this program. This is a good thing though, since I really enjoy CrossFit and look forward to a future of using it.

CrossFit: Elizabeth
Rep Sets of 21-15-9 for Time:
75# Cleans
Bar Dips
(Time: 16.07)
*I tried to start out with 95# on the cleans, but realized quickly that I would not be able to sustain that load. Dropping to 75# was perfect because I still wasn't able to do the sets without breaking.
*Photo courtesy of Mike's Gym. This is what I feel like doing all weekend, but I should probably do more than that.


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Mr. Mirek -
Thanks for the link on your blog! WOW! I do think that Crossfit helps me with teaching. Not only being a model to my students, but knowing that there are times when things are hard and we can push through it. Physical strength and metal strength are equally important for me at Crossfit and in life! You should hear the talking that goes on in my head! :)