Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Workout 11/27: Back to the Beginning

When I started CrossFit, my very first named workout was "Helen." This time around, I must have been sleeping when I was writing the workout on my hand because I totally misread the reps on the dumbbell swings. So, my time is still not accurate, but there will be more opportunities to do it right. This is the "Week of CrossFit Girls" since I took a break from the routine around Thanksgiving time. So this week it's Helen, Nancy, and Elizabeth...three workouts that are bound to leave me totally trashed at the end of the week. But I am excited to be back to workouts that require a bit of running. I must admit that I do miss running after marathon training over the summer. Yes, I was ready for the end of marathon training, but it doesn't take long for that bug to bite again.

CrossFit: "Helen" (misinterpreted and modified)
Three Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
55# Dumbbell Swings x 12
Assisted Pull-ups x 12

*One day I'll get it right! If she can do it right, I can do it right!

*Aren't kids amazing! I signed my daughter up for a Mom, Pop, and Tot gymnastics class starting in January. I can't wait to "work out" with Evie! Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com

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