Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Workout 11/16

In case you wonder why I do CrossFit, I found the following quote from Jim Decker found in CrossFit Journal Issue #51. This quote sort of sums up my answer to that inquiry. It's kind of like the attitude behind my attempts at marathons too.

I am endlessly fascinated and impressed by civilians who
CrossFit. All the military, law enforcement, firefighters, MMA
champions and the like—we CrossFit to survive. Train
hard=fight hard=come home safe. Got it, no ambiguity there.
But what about the teachers, the businesswomen, the engineers, website designers, and all the rest who don’t (on a literal level) engage in mortal combat? What drives them to put themselves through the grueling events?

It seems to me that no external stimulus could be the answer.
CrossFit is hard. People quit (some even before they try) every day because it is hard. I think the drive must be internal, a competition with oneself, a continual test of one’s own limitations. This is where mental strength is born. External competition, while good and healthy, will only make you work just hard enough to beat the competitor to your left and right. Internal competition will push you farther, faster, and harder than any opponent ever will. As the man says, “Men will die for points.” Even more so, it seems, when the score to beat is one’s own.

CrossFit WOD: "Fran"
CFWU x 2
Three rounds, 21-, 15-, and 9-reps, for Time of:
65# Thrusters
Jumping Pull-ups
(Time: 10.35)
*So it doesn't seem like a very long workout, but you are very winded at the end. My chest cavity was sucking in breath after breath for quite a few minutes after this one.
Photo of Thrusters courtesy of CrossFit Budapest

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Anonymous said...

Great work! Keep it up fellow Crossfitter!
Santa Cruz, CA