Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Workout 11/15/11: 5 x 400m

What a beautiful afternoon for running outside on the southwest side of Chicago. Nearly 60 degrees, light breeze, sun in the evening sky, airplanes flying overhead around Midway Airport, and fall colors in the trees and on the ground. Next time I complain about Chicago's weather or exaggerate the amount of winter months around here, I will remember a day like today. It's mid-November, and I am still outside and comfortable. Yes, tomorrow will be far different, but for today I've soaked in a good memory.

Workout: 5x400m Runs
Warm-up: 1 Mile
5x400m Runs (400m faster, 400m slower x 5)
Cool-down: 1 Mile

FYI: I am in Week 10 of a 12-week CrossFit pre-training. I am just trying to get my weight down and build some running and lifting endurance. What comes after this pre-training will remain to be seen. I am playing around with a few ideas (CrossFit Kids workouts because they look more fun than the Main Site WODs, P90X again to see if I can get through all 90 days, or modified CrossFit WODs from Brand X Martial Arts). Any recommendations?

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