Thursday, November 17, 2011

Workout 11/17/11: 5 x 400m...Stoke the Fire!

Ah, what a difference 24 hours of rest between workouts makes. Today's workout was challenging (of course), but the engine's fire was stoked and I was energized for it. If fact, that was my mantra today...stoke the fire. On the last two 400m "sprints," I had to drive myself through it with that phrase repeating in my head. So let's keep it stoked!

On a side note, I decided what my next "exercise routine" would be after this 12-week pre-CrossFit training ended. On December 4, I will begin the "603 PTP" program. This program is put together by CrossFit 603 AKA CrossFit Whole9. It builds on the work I have been doing with deadlifts & push-presses, so I figured it was logical and fun. Join me for the fun if you're willing.

Workout: 5 x 400m
Warm-up: 1 Mile Run
Workout: 5 x 400m (400m fast, 400m slow five times)
Cool-down: 5 Minute Run

*Photo above taken from here.

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