Saturday, December 17, 2011

Workout 12/17/2011: 603PTP Day12

Workout: 603PTP Day12

Buy-in: Dynamic Warm-ups (50 feet back & forth for each)

Deadlifts: 5 @ 195#, 5 @ 175# (Yes, it finally clicked that I was doing them wrong; correct movement, wrong weight progression)

Shoulder Press: 5 @ 100#, 5 @ 95#

Cash-out: Run 400m, 4 Rounds of 100m single 35# Dumbbell Farmer's Walk + 20 one-hand DB Swings, Run 400m (*Oops, I cheated. The "rules" say "no hand switches." I methodically switched hands within the rounds. Good thing I am self-coached right now because I would have received the heavy hammer of thrusters. Perhaps I should practice thrusters anyway. Wait! What? I must be crazy!)

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