Friday, December 9, 2011

Workout 12/9/2011: 603PTP Day5

So I went from Day3 of the program to Day5 of the program in one day. Some of you may be wondering what happened to Day4. Day4 was scheduled as a rest day. And I did take a rest day. Day3's workout happened at 5:00AM on Thursday. Day5's workout happened at 3:15PM on Friday. So more than 34 hours passed between these two workouts. Therefore, I got a day's rest between workouts. Smart, huh? Anyway, Day5's workout went like this...

Workout: 603PTP Day 5

Buy-in: Burgener warm-up + dislocates and rotational dislocates + 2 "cartwheels" each side. (*10 cartwheels were prescribed for each side...seeing as I have never been able to do cartwheels well, I tried. Scary!)

Deadlift: 5 x 175#; 5 x 265# (Success!)

Shoulder Press: 5 x 70#; 5 x 105# (Progress!)

Run: Warm-up run to Pasteur Park + 800m (400m Splits...1:51.00 + 1:46.99 = 3:37.99!)

Cash-out: Broad Jump 150 "feet" (25 Jumps!)

*I have to admit that this was an awkwardly fun workout with many things to be proud of. I am excited to measure these areas again in future workouts.*I'm reading a book titled The Berlin Boxing Club that features the character Max Schmeling who was a real boxer portrayed in this painting by George Grosz. It's fun to see where some authors obtain their inspirations. I'm looking forward to one day writing something creative. Needless to say, I really enjoy this piece of art.

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