Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two-fer Workout 7/11

So, I slept in on Tuesday, so I had to make up a workout in order to stay on schedule. Two-fers are HARD! So, here's what I did:

CrossFit: 3 rounds for time of--
1000 meter row
20 Pull-ups
7 - 65# Push Jerks
*I did this in the morning in 20 minutes (forget actual time). Oh man, my hips were killing me from having done tuck jumps two days before and those rows.

Run: 8.04 miles (1:09.56, 8.41 pace)
*This was my afternoon workout in the sun. I came home with a new tan line, seeing as I usually run in the morning when the sun rises. I ran with Dan (also running the Chicago Marathon), and we talked about CrossFit and how to start a fitness club tied to a church, my new job, and our lovely families. It's nice to have someone to talk to while running...definitely makes the time fly.

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