Monday, July 16, 2007

Workout 7/16

I guess I'll be doing a lot more running and biking in the near future. That's what happens when your transmission conks out on you in the parking lot of the local fitness club. I had an awesome workout this morning, and everything was looking promising for a wonderful Monday. The air was cool, the sun was rising over the horizon, the friendliness quotient was a 77.8%, I pushed myself during CrossFit, and I was reading all about Chicago sports. And then I turned on my engine...hmmm, it surely didn't sound right, but there was a Harley pulling into the gym parking lot. I figured I was just hearing that noise, until I put it into gear. NOTHING! No movement. So I had to take my tired legs and jog home in order to get to work on time. We're having the van towed this afternoon, so I'll let you know what the damage is going to be tomorrow.

Run: 4.08 miles (36.23, 8.55 pace)

CrossFit: 21-15-9 rep sets of--
155# Deadlifts
Handstand Push Ups

So my pace was down, but I did take it a bit easier this morning after the hard work I put in since Friday. I need to make sure I'm eating right too. A lot of birthday cake over the weekend is not what I consider the best food for an athlete. But hey, we must indulge sometime.


Radman said...

This totally happened to us too! Yikes... bad deal. How's the car now? We're looking at getting a "new" one. Just sucks.

Mr. Mirek said...

car's still in the shop with no word yet. hey, drive that "new" car down here when you get the chance. we'd love to visit.