Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Workout 7/24

Mmmm...tiny bits of protein unexpectedly flying into your mouth is quite a way to start off your morning. One can tell the humidity is on the rise when little flying insects infest the Lakefront Path. Unfortunately, you can't see them before the sun rises, so a surprising mouthful of protein is what you get. It gives a whole new meaning to protein shots to help with your endurance during a longer run. This situation seemed to have an effect on my fellow runners' friendliness reciprocation this morning too. I think I hit an all-time low on received "Mornin"s with a total of 14 out of 18 (78%). Word to my running buddies: "Don't let the bugs get you down." Today was a relaxed run because yesterday's CrossFit still had a hold on me.

Run: 8 miles (1:11.56, 8:59/mile pace)

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