Friday, July 27, 2007

Workout 7/27

Consistency and Expectations...two of the most important elements in many areas of life. Teaching. Parenting. Training. Running. This topic was the highlight of our run today. It came up when I noticed how my students will reach for high expectations when consistently and explicitly stated to them. I'm teaching summer school right now, and many of these students have a history of not meeting expectations. But when it is consistently stated to them that I do not accept "C," "D," or "F" work in summer school, it is amazing how focused they get on earning and meeting those expectations. The same holds true for parenting. It is only fair to children to be consistent in discipline and explicit in expectations.

When thinking about running and training, I came to the conclusion that I have to do the same thing for myself. If I want to meet a goal, I need to be consistent in my training. Taking the weak areas and making them stronger through hard work will only benefit the outcomes of races and fitness levels. If I don't write my goals down, I will forget them and neglect to take steps to meet them. So here's my encouragement to you; be consistent in what you do and be clear with your expectations. You'll be amazed at how that affects both yourself and those around you.

Run: 9 miles (1:23.42, 9.18/mile pace)

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Radman said...

Dude, I didn't know you were a Mizuno Wave rider! Excellent. We're the same shoe.

Thanks for the encouraging post about consistency, Paul. Good reminder.