Saturday, July 7, 2007

Workout 7/7/07

This lucky day brought another Team M3 run with a warm smile...a very warm smile. Our runs are getting hot with no signs of cooling off, and you can see it in the faces of the high schoolers. Today's run was with Danny, Manny, Misael, and Edson. This is becoming the core group of front runners, so it will be extra exciting to see how they do on marathon day. Last year Danny smoked everyone and almost had the fastest time for 16 year olds. I love to see these students set lofty goals and push themselves to it. It's really pushes me too and encourages me to set new goals! I recommend to anyone in the Chicago area that you get involved in this program for next year's marathon. Today's heat made me experiment with hydration and nutrition during the run. I tried Clif Shot Bloksand they worked wonders. About 40 minutes into our run, we stopped to rehydrate, so I downed a cup of water and ate one Shot Blok. Those 50 calories sustained me for the remainder of the run. I need to continue playing around with this stuff to make race day a pleasant experience. Here are the stats on today's run:

9 miles from Montrose Beach: 1:24.58 (8 minute run/1 minute walk)

I think we need to start doing a 10 minute run with a walk break...I know we can handle it.

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