Friday, July 13, 2007

Workout 7/13

Funny how the week can start out with a good luck day (7/7/07) and end with a superstitious bad luck day (Friday the 13th). But that has little to do with my workout, which was everything except bad. Today's run was a PACE run, meaning that I was to run the distance at my GOAL PACE for the marathon. Since I want to run as fast as, if not faster, than George W. Bush, my goal pace is to run each mile under 8 minutes and 35 seconds. If you notice, I like to post my pace for most of my training runs. This keeps me focused on this goal. So today's run was a success. Just check out the pace! Wow, that took a lot of focus.

Run: 7 miles (58.35, 8.22/mile pace)

If I can keep that up, I would run the marathon in 3:39.16...sounds nice! We'll see!

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Tom said...

A enjoying reading your blog, particularly about training for the Chicago Marathon, which is my favorite race. Good luck. Keep up the good running and posting.