Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Workout 6/30

Whoo! It's hard to keep up on these postings during the summer time. Summer school is in session--hard work. Get home early--family time. It's hot--no time to sit in a stuffy room with a computer. So, sorry for the lack of updates, but it's not like anyone is really reading this anyway. Looking back on Saturday, it called for a long run again. As I mentioned earlier, two long runs in one week. I thought I'd possibly keel over this time, but it ended up much better than I figured. Team M3 was in training again, and I continued to run with the 8/1 group (8 minutes running, 1 minute walking). Even with that sort of a pace, we still made decent time. I ran mainly with Manny today. Manny's a huge sports person (plays football, basketball, volleyball, runs cross-country and track). I don't know how he does it; he's amazing. Although most of the time running back he complained about getting old. I never knew 16 was old, but I guess it is.

Run: 12 miles (1:59.36)

Isn't teamwork beautiful!

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Radman said...

I've been reading when I can... we are ULTRA busy these days.